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New York City

Last week, me and my girlfriend went to New York City for a few days. I’ve only been to New York one other time, and that was for just a few hours on the Lovedrunk tour back in 2012. We shot a music video, then we pretty much went straight to New Jersey to crash for the night and we were gone the next day.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited about the whole thing. Here’s some of my favorite photos from the trip.

BEN45468 BEN45523 BEN45547 BEN45614 BEN45684 BEN45691 BEN45738 BEN45933 BEN46064 BEN46060 BEN46115 BEN46179 BEN46199 BEN46217 BEN46360 BEN46445 BEN46503-2 BEN46560 BEN46586 BEN46974 BEN47008 BEN47052 BEN47138 BEN47146 BEN47227-2 BEN47233 BEN47252-2 BEN47281 BEN47321 BEN47338 BEN47353 BEN47612 BEN47620-2 BEN47723 BEN48065-2 BEN48117 BEN47755 BEN47767