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Mission Sunday 2015

This was one of Six videos I created for Countryside Community churches “Mission Sunday” 2015 service. The Mission Sunday Service is where the youth group take over the service and talk about their mission work they have done over the past school year. We created 6 videos talking about different parts of their trip to Jamaica and the Youth Choir’s Tour. This video was probably my favorite of the bunch and I think it turned out pretty great despite filming some of the interviews less than 24 hours before we showed it in church.

Nebraska Event Photography || Ash Wednesday

I work part-time at Countryside Community Church here in Omaha, making videos, filming the sunday services and filling other tech related roles. From time to time I also bring along a camera and shoot special events for historical archives. At any rate, here’s a few photos from the Ash Wednesday service:

BEN_0787 BEN_0777 BEN_0774 BEN_0772 BEN_0769 BEN_0765


Nebraska Event Photography || Jazz Psalms @ Countryside Community Church

Famous Jazz pianist Chuck Marohnic is creating original Jazz Pieces to all of the Psalms. While it is a work in progress likely to go on for some time, the members of the Countryside band put on a concert with some of the finished Psalms. Here’s some photos from the event: