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TBD Dance Collective Headshots | Omaha Headshot Photography

The lovely folks asked me to shoot some quick headshots for their dance collective recently. They wanted the simple all white look, but I also convinced them to give the dark look a shot. All in we got everyone done in about 2 hours, here’s a few of my favorites.

TBD Dance Collective at KANEKO | Omaha Event Photography

TBD dance co. performed at KANEKO for their “Storytelling” exhibit. Alongside the performance they also showed a short film featuring the dance collective’s work “One week, One Month, One Year”. The performance was certainly something to watch and difficult to photograph as it took place through-out the KANEKO building in pretty dim lighting. Here’s a few photos from the event:

dsc07369 dsc07511 dsc07505 ben_8995 ben_8989 ben_9030 ben_9098 ben_9070 ben_9138 ben_9146 ben_9110 dsc07632 dsc07687