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DUO @ KANEKO | Omaha Event Photography

Recently Lauren Simpson and Annie Schenzel performed as part of KANEKO’s DUO performance series. Shooting dance is always a challenge, but when you turn the lights down low and add in a projector as the main light source it starts to get really tricky, but challenges are part of what keeps this job interesting. Here’s a few favorites from the event.

TBD Dance Collective Headshots | Omaha Headshot Photography

The lovely folks asked me to shoot some quick headshots for their dance collective recently. They wanted the simple all white look, but I also convinced them to give the dark look a shot. All in we got everyone done in about 2 hours, here’s a few of my favorites.

Bemis Resident Meet & Eat | Omaha Event Photography

The Bemis Center hosted it’s regular “Meet and Eat” event where you get a chance to share a meal with the current group of Bemis Resident’s and hear a little bit about what they’ll be making while at the Bemis Center. If you’re not familiar, the Bemis Center hosts “Residents” for a few weeks in converted studios/apartments and provides the residents access to all kinds of materials and tools as well as covers their living expenses for a few weeks so they can focus 100% on their art. It’s a really neat program, and very worth checking out their Open Studios event that occurs at the end of their residency run, giving you a chance to see the artworks created and chat with the artists in a casual environment.

Taste of Trifaith | Omaha Event Photography

This weekend the three faith communities that make up The Trifaith Initiative here in Omaha held a little get together where people from each faith brought a dish that was special to their community. Here’s some photos form the event.

BEN41972 BEN42285 BEN_0132 BEN_0160 BEN_0163 BEN_0214 BEN41855 BEN41930 BEN42025 BEN42128 BEN42152 BEN42186

Brinker Harding For City Council

Today I worked with Brinker Harding, who is running for a seat on City Council. He needed some new photos for his marketing materials. We were looking for something a little more casual than a straight into camera shot, and were able to get a few different set-ups in not a whole lot of time. Here’s a few favorites from the shoot.

BEN45157 BEN45166 BEN45276 BEN45317 BEN45479 BEN45492 BEN45601