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Volkswagon Behind The Scenes | Omaha Video Production

Had the chance to work on some internal communication videos for Volkswagon this week with the lovely folks at Digital Moxie. Here’s a few behind the scenes photos I shot (except for the one that’s out of focus, but I never get to be in the BTS so I had to include it anyway.)

Inside (Speak up) by Jaymie Argotsinger

Here’s a music video I did for Omaha Performing Arts in March 2017. They were had a song writing contest and the winners got to perform their song with members of the cast of “Beautiful”. Jaymie won the 13-18 year old division and got to perform her song with actor Josh A. Dawson from Broadway’s North American tour of BEAUTIFUL – The Carol King Musical.

The video was shot live in one take, with the audio mixed by the house sound guy Ezekiel Metcalf.

My First Short Film – “Funeral Favors”

Sometime in late 2014 I was working sound at a funeral and had an idea for a short film – what if someone took up the offer of a “helping hand” and took it way too far? After writing a rough draft I found a cast and together we polished it up, shooting it in early 2015. The rest of that year was rough on me for some reason I can’t really put into words and I left the project shelved, aside from pulling it out to edit it for a few minutes once every few months.

Finally in 2016 things started clearing up and my headspace became a lot more clear and I was able to finish the film. At the time the Omaha Film Festival was accepting entries for it’s 2017 festival so I submitted it, thinking it probably wouldn’t get in. To my surprise they ended up accepting it for the festival, which meant it wouldn’t be publicly available until after the festival, which just wrapped up two weeks ago.

And now, nearly 2 years after we shot the film, you can watch it for the first time. Enjoy:

The Omaha Guitar Trio – Bulerias | Music Video

Here is the final video of 3 I shot for the Omaha Guitar Trio. For this video they wanted it to have a live room feel so we recorded it in the living room of the home recording studio we were shooting at. Since we did the whole thing in one take the camera work is a little less dynamic, but all in all I’m still pretty happy with how it turned out.