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Jon and Robyn | Omaha Pregnancy Photos

I absolutely love shooting weddings – they’re like an iron man event for photographers – you have a bunch of different types of photos to take, often in bad conditions, with very little time for each set-up all happening in one marathon day.¬†On the other hand, I’m not really a big fan of doing family photos, mostly because I don’t feel like I can get the kind of quality photos I want and why offer a service you’re not happy with?

The problem is that when you shoot weddings your couples tend to want you to do family photos for them as they begin to start their family. In the past I’ve always resisted this a bit and referred past clients to other photographers, but this year I dipped my toes in the water by doing some pregnancy photos for a few folks. Jon and Robyn’s being the first session for a couple who I wasn’t doing it just for a friend that only needed one or two images.

I gotta say I’m pretty happy with the results from this shoot, so maybe I won’t shy away from stuff like this as much anymore.

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