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The 2016 Ice Cream Cruise

A long long time ago, I met a man named Kyle Loftis. He was a friend of a coworker who came to hang out at our ice rink one day. He ran a small video company called “1320 Video” that filmed local street and regional street racing events. When I was just getting started he taught me a whole lot of things about photography and inspired me a whole lot.

Since then Kyle has built his small video company into an international brand that covers racing events all over the world. Kyle continues to inspire the hell out of me and I jump at any chance I can to work with him. Every year he hosts a local car show (which ends up being one of the biggest car shows of the midwest) and sometimes he asks me if I’m available to shoot some photos/video of the event.

Anyway, here’s some of my favorite photos from the event.

BEN_1265 BEN_1507 BEN_1620 BEN_1276 BEN_1294 BEN_1314 BEN_1335 BEN_1341 BEN_1349 BEN_1352 BEN_1373 BEN_1419 BEN_1483 BEN_1554 BEN_1581 BEN_1582 BEN_1868 BEN_1894 BEN_1918 BEN_1938 BEN_1948 BEN_1959 BEN_1960 BEN_1965 BEN_1975 BEN_1987 BEN_2037 BEN_1598 BEN_1620 BEN_1669 BEN_1746 BEN_1767 BEN_2051

2014 Ice Cream Cruise

Back in August I got the opportunity to help my friend Kyle with the Car show he founded and organizes. Kyle runs a website called 1320video which documents the car scene both in Omaha and across the nation. Every year he puts together the “Ice Cream Cruise” crusie and car show and every year it gets bigger and bigger. This year was no exception with over 3,500 cars showing up, some people even drove in from other states. At any rate, I ran a stedicam for the day and got a lot of great footage. After digging through what had to be hours of footage, Kyle released the video on his youtube channel. You can check it out here: